The dropin Marketing Strategy


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Building in Publuc | The dropin Marketing Strategy

Twitter Strategy

  • Accounts: @rorydotdev & @dropindotspace
  • Establish dropin Voice + Messaging
  • Use as tool to scale reach
  • Use keyword tools to uncover specific threads, ideas, and people to engage
  • Connect with other Builders
  • Connect with Thought Leaders (@mkobach)
  • Connect with Artists
  • Connect with Users
  • Drive Email Signups
  • Content to share: media, thoughts, posts related to art and/or building in publich (i.e. photos of art, artists' stories, building in public examples, maker credos/inspiration)

Instagram Strategy

  • Account:
  • Create Visual Brand Identity
  • Connect with Artists
  • Connect with Users
  • Content to share: Artists' Work, Artist Bios, Videos

Web Strategy

  • Websites: &
  • Use platforms we own to expand on thoughts & ideas
  • Use writing to create other opportunities
  • Landing pages for email signups
  • Perform keyword research to see what SEO opportunities exist
  • Highlight additional talent stacks
  • Use Google Analytics to track engagement

Email Strategy

  • Email:
  • Use as curation tool to share with audience
  • Create longform dialogue with community
  • Use for 1-1 communication
  • Use Mailchimp Free Plan